Kirkland, WA

Located in Kirkland, Washington, we helped design Wyraqocha Peruvian Kitchen to bring our client’s idea of a modern take on Peruvian cuisine to life. The space was designed with plenty of seating around the counter top, in order to maximize the use of space, while acting as a place for customers to interact with the staff. In efforts to further ensure the efficiency of the space, we incorporated re-appropriated metal to divide the entryway from the bulk of the restaurant while still ensuring it did not distract from the design, and continued to keep the space open as a whole. 

Wyraqocha's open kitchen is optimal for transparency between food preparation and the customers. Restaurant-goers can satisfy their curiosity of how their food is made while also feeling reassured of the hygienic conditions. Various jars of spices and Peruvian garments were incorporated into the space in order to contribute to its authenticity. To wrap it up, an added wall mural contributes a modern sense of Peruvian culture to the restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

PROJECT Wyraqocha - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)