Kirkland, WA

Atelier Drome was selected by Realogics Sotheby's International Realty to design their new Eastside home in downtown Kirkland. Situated along Lake Street at the intersection of Park Lane, this prominent location called for a solution that knits into the urban fabric of downtown Kirkland and promotes Sotheby's brand and role as the "Connoisseurs of Life." By utilizing openness and transparency between the spaces we were able to capitalize on opportunities for tenants to mix, inspire and be inspired by each other. Sotheby's business operations take place in an open office at the rear of the space, with views of Lake Washington. Enclosed offices and conference rooms run along one wall while the rest of the work space is open and flexible. We designed a system of desks that nest together and can be easily stowed away when desired allowing this space to transform from open office to event space.

A unique conference room divides the larger tenant space. This conference space presents itself as an Art object within the larger space. A series of sliding pocket doors allow the object to open, continuing the theme of flexibility and design that can adapt to the office's fluctuating needs for both privacy and gathering. Sotheby's reception desk inhabits the building's main lobby, rather than the tenant space, allowing Sotheby's to engage further with the building's other tenants and occupants. The reception desk also functions as a concierge for the larger building allowing Sotheby's to help contribute to the activities and events of the community of tenants and building occupants.

PROJECT Realogics Sotheby's International Realty - Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI)

GENERAL CONTRACTOR Adatto Construction