Salare - Hi Res-21.jpg

Ravenna, Seattle, WA

The first restaurant for celebrated chef Edouardo Jordan, Salare was designed to reflect his clear vision. It was important to the chef that the restaurant reflect the nose to tail philosophy of cooking, as well as offer a welcoming atmosphere as comfortable for couples as for a family. Chef Edouardo also engaged a coterie of friends and family to help supply the custom mirrors and light fixtures (by Codor Design), the communal tables, bookshelves, banquette, bar, and more.

The design intent was to create two distinct, yet connected spaces. The front space holds the bar, communal table, and banquet seating - and allows customers to engage with each other when desired, yet still offers intimate seating. The back space is more private, with the best seating up at the chef's counter, where you can watch the chefs at work. Instead of creating a dark, moody environment - the brightness of the space is a welcome relief in Seattle allowing patrons to enjoy the textures of the design and more importantly, the food. 

PROJECT Salare - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)

GENERAL CONTRACTOR Method Construction