Madrona, Seattle, WA

Partnering with chef Ethan Stowell once again, we collaborated with Roy McMakin to design Stowell’s French bistro, Red Cow. A monochromatic color scheme throughout the restaurant elevates the urban design to make it more sophisticated. Mirrors line the walls in the restaurant to create the illusion of a bigger space. As a more whimsical design than some of Stowell’s other restaurants, Red Cow features a front window that pivots open to allow cool evening breezes to move through the space.  

The bar and lounge are tucked away from the main action up front, providing a different ambiance for diners who prefer a quieter atmosphere. The back bar area was designed for more casual eating and is perfect for Red Cow’s happy hour, not to mention, displays an impressive wine selection. Unlike the front of the restaurant, the back of the bar is not equipped with a large window allowing natural light to fill the room, so we chose to incorporate materials that would reflect light and brighten the space.

While Stowell’s take on French bistro is not a traditional brasserie, the modern aesthetic of the space fits perfectly into the rest of the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle. Zinc topped tables and high backed banquettes are tied together through a majority monochromatic color scheme, ensuring the food itself will remain the star of the show. While most of the restaurant is sleek and urban, it features a series of carefully placed whimsical details, like mirrors and pops of color, to maintain it’s intimate, cozy atmosphere.

PROJECT Red Cow - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)



PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT  Geoffrey Smith/LookatLao Studios