Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

Chef Ethan Stowell's newest addition to Capitol Hill, Bar Cotto is a lighter brighter addition to his collection of spaces. His signature materials of steel and dark wood are used sparingly, with a white washed wood ceiling, white walls, zinc tables, and grey gloss banquettes; all adding to the bright space. At night, the simple light fixtures and bulbs illuminate the space like candles. The combination of simple materials (both modern and traditional) reflects the attitude and attractiveness of the menu.

The light fixtures hanging above the booths help draw your eye toward the black board listing the day's Salumi selections. The booths also help create a division between the bar and the sit down dining area.

Three pendant fixtures were hand crafted by our office to act as a feature in the restaurant, offering illumination and an organic interest. As always, the food is the center of activity (and focus) in this restaurant. The open kitchen allows patrons to watch and fully experience the pizza making, almost as if guests in the chef's kitchen. A simple white tile surrounds the pizza oven, which contrasts with the more organic butcher block table.A new restaurant for Chef Ethan Stowell, bar cotto is connected to another of his restaurants - anchovies and olives. Aesthetically, the two restaurants talk to each other (even sharing a window wall), with bar cotto acting as the lighter, brighter, younger of the two.

PROJECT Bar Cotto - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)



PHOTOGRAPHY CREDIT Geoffrey Smith/LookatLao Studios