Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Services

Multi-Family / Mixed-Use Design

Multi-family and Mixed-Use projects present a unique opportunity to build community and add value to the neighborhood. We approach these projects with the intention of creating spaces in which both residents and the public enjoy pathways for their lives and experiences to intersect. Our design strategies aim to effectively overcome the challenge of creating spaces to suite a diverse range of needs and functions, while ensuring marketability and profitability. 

We embrace the interplay of functionality and aesthetics that create vibrancy and foster harmony between the different aspects of the community. Our designs are fresh, relevant and neighborhood-specific. They are the product of a rigorous design process that elevates efficiency while creating an enriching environment. We aim to help you maximize your investment through a rigorous planning and design process, taking into consideration neighborhood demographics, market demands, sustainability, zoning and code compliance.

With architectural, interior design and graphic presentation services in house, as well as established relationships with various specialty consultants, we are uniquely equipped to handle your project from initial planning through construction, assisting with sales materials along the way. Similarly, we are prepared to navigate the logistical complexities of the permitting and construction process, with extensive project experience throughout the greater Seattle metro area.


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Common Areas Furnishings and Decor

With experience and extensive resources in both residential and commercial furnishings, our interior design team is uniquely qualified to craft welcoming lobbies, common areas and more that exude the comforts of home while meeting commercial standards for durability and life safety. We will work closely with your team on budget development, space planning and design vision all the way through final procurement and installation. We are available on installation day to coordinate and oversee deliveries and placement to ensure everything is per your expectations.


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Model Unit Staging

Improve your sales with affordably staged model units. Our professional interior designers are available to specify, procure and install furnishings & décor that appeals to your target market. With experience working in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary, we can tailor budget-friendly design solutions to make your units camera-ready. We will work closely with your team on budget development, space planning and design vision all the way through final procurement and installation. We are available on installation day to coordinate and oversee deliveries and placement to ensure everything is per your expectations.


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Marketing, Leasing and Sales Tools

We offer in-house graphic and photography services to help you jump-start the leasing or sales process. Our team is capable of preparing photo-realistic presentation renderings for both design review packages as well as pre-sale or leasing marketing materials. Similarly, we are available to create both physical and digital presentation boards, rendered unit space plans, and finally, professional photography services of the completed project. Creating these materials in-house keeps the process streamlined and efficient, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communications with outside consultants. However, if you already have an internal marketing team we are more than happy to work with them to provide what is needed for your website and collateral.


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Historic Renovations

Often, the history of a building is something to be celebrated. Our historic renovation services preserve the integrity of the building, appreciating and honoring the existing structure, while making the transition, suitable for modern living. Not only are we committed to bringing the building up to today’s standards, we want to prepare the building for the future and extend the life for years to come.

Navigating the required permits and guidelines that go into a historic renovation can be frustrating. Atelier Drome will help you balance the rich history of your building with today’s modern standards in the most straightforward, painless way.


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Feasibility Studies

With your dream design in mind, we work with you to determine whether a space can feasibly accommodate your vision, before you invest any time and money. Every property has its own special conditions and our team can determine exactly what may be built as well as identify any potential concerns or considerations.

We help you visualize the range of possibilities available for a specific property, so planning and building can begin with as few surprises as possible.


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Tenant Pre-Lease Services

The search for the perfect space for your business can feel daunting. It can also be intimidating to determine whether a space can accommodate your vision. Our pre-lease services thoroughly vet properties by analyzing land-use and building-code issues to help you avoid delays and unexpected costs. We work with you as your project enters its beginning phases as well as down the road should your plans change.

Our team can help make sure that any space and lease is truly the perfect fit for your concept. We are experienced with working in this competitive and time sensitive real estate market to give you the best advantage in securing the right space. It will allow you to focus on what’s most important: an effective design that fulfills the goals of your project.


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Developer Pre-Lease Services

Ensuring that your space will work for a prospective tenant can be challenging from the side of the building owner. Understanding what the needs are of those looking for a space and knowing how to best accommodate them can help you clear those hurdles.

We can help you translate the range of possibilities available for your property to attract the perfect tenant by helping them visualize how their business will fit seamlessly in your space.


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