Molly O’Donnell

With exploration at the forefront of her passions, Molly relocated to Seattle in 2013 by way of Washington D.C. Raised in Alabama followed by a college career in Virginia, she enjoyed the energy of the east coast but was excited for a change where the lines between nature and the urban environment are softened and the music and design scene is strong. As a designer with an a naturally curious personality, Molly believes that exploration and constant education is the foundation of design because “it’s easy to see the same things every day and have them blur together. New places, whether it’s a new street in your city, or a new city altogether, break up that routine and challenge you to look at things differently.”

Molly’s curiosity was fueled from a young age with scientists for both parents that afforded her the opportunities to create her own experiments and the encouragement to actively pursue her thirst for knowledge. While science may have initially seemed like the obvious choice for her career path, Molly needed to fulfill her creative side as well and found architecture to be that perfect blend of both science and art. One of her pursuits in Washington D.C. lead her to a time with an architectural lighting designer where she gained experience in lighting which she loves exploring through her design work. While outside the office, she can be found checking out the lighting design while exploring the local bar scene with her fiancée, getting out with their dogs, rewiring her motorcycle or enjoying a good crossword puzzle.

BS. Architecture, University of Virginia
Minor Architectural History, University of Virginia

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