Mixed-Use and Multi-Family Services

Mixed-Use Design

Mixed-use projects present a unique opportunity to build communities. It’s a chance for both the residents and the public to use a space and enjoy pathways for their lives and experiences to intersect. Even with the larger scale inherent in such projects, our goal is to bring the same level of care and attention to detail that a smaller project would receive.

Our creative strategies and designs effectively overcome the challenges of creating a space that commands the attention of a diverse range of needs and functions. The result is a sense of togetherness accentuated by an invitation into a shared environment. It’s the product of a robust understanding and implementation of concepts that best draw out the efficiency of a space while still retaining a pleasing, enriching utility. There’s something inherently natural in bringing together mixed-use spaces. At Atelier Drome, our approach embraces the fact that these elements aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, they can complement a vibrancy that contributes to and fosters a harmony between different aspects of a community.

But realistically, these projects don’t stop at the creative strategy. Mixed-use designs are complex from a logistical point of view. Navigating the permit and construction is its own special skill set, and our team, with experience working in commercial, retail, and residential capacities is expertly suited to handle every step.


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Multi-Family Design

Pre-Lease Services

The search for the perfect space for your business can be daunting. It can also be intimidating to determine whether a space can accommodate your vision. Our pre-lease services thoroughly vet properties by analyzing land-use and building code issues to help you avoid delays and unexpected costs. 

Our team can help make sure that any space and lease is truly the perfect fit for your concept. We are experienced with working in this competitive and time sensitive real estate market to give you the best advantage in securing the right space. It will allow you to focus on what’s most important: managing your business for a successful transition into your new space.


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Feasibility Studies

It’s one thing to have a dream design in mind, but another thing entirely to determine if that project is feasible. Every property has its own special conditions, and what could be seen as a simple structure on a flat lot might present a set of challenges that were never even considered. The reality is, everything is not always as it seems, and our team can determine exactly what may be built on a property, before investments of time and money are poured in.

We help you discover the range of possibilities available for a specific property, so planning and building can begin with as few surprises as possible. It is critical information that needs to be considered before the exciting process of creating can begin.


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Historic Renovations

Often, the history of a building is something to be celebrated. Our historic renovation services preserve the integrity of the building, appreciating and honoring the existing structure, while making the transition, suitable for modern living. Not only are we committed to bringing the building up to today’s standards, we want to prepare the building for the future and extend the life for years to come.

Navigating the required permits and guidelines that go into a historic renovation can be frustrating. Atelier Drome will help you balance the rich history of your building with today’s modern standards in the most straightforward, painless way.


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