Lake Forest Park, WA

This mid-century home in Lake Forest Park was revitalized to allow for more modern expression while preserving the home’s original charm. The existing exposed beams and large expanses of glass become more of a feature once the overly large fireplace was replaced by a compact, cleanly detailed gas version. Hardwoods now flow throughout with stone at the entry.

Due to the low-slung nature of mid-century modern homes, the interiors can sometimes feel dark. By tearing down interior walls and partitions, full advantage was taken of the existing large window in the stairwell and the skylights. This allows the light to filter deep into the house. An additional large window was added to connect the deck to the kitchen and encourage a stronger integration with the beautiful Pacific Northwest surroundings.

The kitchen was previously blocked from the rest of the home and was in a state of disrepair. Now, the island and large eat-in counter is open to the living and dining room, allowing the spaces to flow freely. Contrasting warm wood ceilings and cool surfaces, as well as the bright pop of yellow green, make the kitchen feel fresh and modern. The otherwise neutral colors ensure the minimalist qualities are not overwhelmed. This modern aesthetic carries into the bathroom where carefully chosen materials and textures make the space feel like a luxurious spa, perfect for relaxation.

PROJECT Mid Century Reboot - Residential Remodel