Madrona, Seattle, WA

Located above Lake Washington in Seattle's Madrona neighborhood, this classic Seattle Victorian home was falling apart and in dire need of a refresh. Beautiful preexisting details needed to be repaired or replaced in order make the house livable. From the outside, the home is a classic Victorian, but on the inside the owners wanted an open plan with more up to date finishes and fixtures. Additionally, the original house had an amazing view from the pantry, but by re-configuring the interior we could capture the view from nearly all the interior spaces.

While the entire house has been updated, there are many nods to the original home such as the re-purposed door to the pantry next to the kitchen, one of the original doors in the house. The sitting room/in-home office space maintains the original dark wood. Throughout the existing house were tall double hung windows that the owners wanted to keep for their charm. Even the newly configured bathrooms could take advantage. The new kitchen utilizes a simple palette of materials to take make the most of the light penetrating the space, while maintaining a clean, yet inviting design.

PROJECT Madrona Victorian - Residential Remodel

GENERAL CONTRACTOR Argosy Construction