Kevin Tully

Seattle native Kevin Tully’s foundation in architecture began at a young age, growing up watching his father work on houses, observations that forged an understanding of constructing spaces that was ultimately solidified as a teenager while studying the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Pursuing his passion, Kevin attended the University of Washington where he earned his B.Arch and then Tulane University for his Masters of Architecture.

Kevin’s aesthetic and design closely link the craft of construction with ways of integrating the old with the new and exposing the inherent beauty of the materials used in a project. It was this interest and the opportunity to apply this philosophy to restaurant design that brought him to Atelier Drome. In his free time, Kevin enjoys maintaining a vintage motorcycle, and draws parallels to his design work: “It relates to my interest in architecture in the sense that when the bike isn’t running, there’s a problem that needs to be figured out, a process similar to figuring out the challenges of a design and how to make a space resonate with those who will use it.”

Master of Architecture, Tulane University
B. Architecture, University of Washington