Hospitality Services

Hospitality Architecture - Restaurant Design

Restaurants require a special vision and we understand that you want to provide a memorable experience beyond the menu. From unique considerations of planning, flow and technical needs to ambiance and branding, our team will work with you on every step to realize your vision. Our expertise in the industry will support your goals to create the experience you want for your patrons.


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Historic Renovations

In Seattle the history of a building is often something to be celebrated. Our historic renovation services preserve the integrity of the building and honoring the existing structure while making it suitable for modern use. Not only are we committed to bringing the building up to today’s standards, we also want to prepare it for the future by extending its life for years to come. We are passionate about balancing the rich history of your building with today’s modern codes and regulations to bring you the best possible design solutions.

Navigating the required permits and guidelines required for an historic renovation can be complicated at best. We understand this and will work with you throughout both the administrative and design process to make it as straightforward and painless as possible.


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Feasibility Studies

With your dream design in mind, we work with you to determine whether a space can feasibly accommodate your vision, before you invest any time and money. Every property has its own special conditions and our team can determine exactly what may be built as well as identify any potential concerns or considerations.

We help you visualize the range of possibilities available for a specific property, so planning and building can begin with as few surprises as possible.


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Hospitality Interior Design

Our full-service hospitality interior design packages offer a comprehensive way to tie your visual branding in with your customer experience. And if needed, our talented design team will work with you to develop a brand concept based on your unique products/service offerings.

The process begins with an initial consultation to learn about your business, brand and culture. We then create a custom proposal based on your needs and budget outlining the project details and cost. Full service commercial interior design typically includes:

·         Conceptual development to reflect your current brand (or to help you build a new one)

·         Selection of new interior fixtures, furnishings, décor and surfaces such as paint colors, hard flooring or carpet, wallpaper, tile

·         Space planning for furnishings/display, accessories, artwork

·         Design of custom furnishings, casework, carpet, accessories as needed to reflect your unique brand

·         Procurement services for furnishings and accessories

·         Coordination of any consultants such as signage/wayfinding, as needed

·         Project management to oversee budget, timeline and deliveries/ installation


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Pre-Lease Services

Our team works closely with you to make sure the space and lease are truly the perfect fit for your concept. We are experienced in this competitive and time sensitive real estate market and strive to give you the advantage securing the right space. We work quickly to uncover the possibilities and limitations of the property, determining whether it can be used as-is, requires a renovation to suit your business, or simply won’t work.

Our pre-lease services relive a lot of the time and stress associated with finding the right space, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: gearing up your business for the big move.


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