Seattle, WA

Originally, this home was a lovely, restored Craftsman with typically dark rooms. The owners wanted a family space filled with light where they could spend most of their time. This extension utilizes a variety of skylights and windows to create a light-filled and open space. The kitchen in this craftsman home had already been lovingly remodeled with a vaulted ceiling and fir trim throughout. By extending the vault, and creating a flat area, we were able to delineate the living/eating/cooking spaces, while still maintaining a sense of openness and connection. By adding multiple windows and skylights, we were able to create a sunny spot in our rainy city. All of the glass lets you feel connected to the outside as if you are truly sitting in the garden.

The eating nook was re-purposed from the original kitchen, and the entire room was designed so that the nook looked like it had been there for years. This new dining and living room needed to fit with both the existing design of the house and the gorgeously landscaped backyard. With carefully crafted details and a minimal footprint, the new extension looks like it has always been a part of the house. There were several existing trees that the owners loved and wanted to maintain. Our extension ensured that the trees could remain, but it also gave them a direct connection from inside to outside, so that they could enjoy the trees year-round.

PROJECT Garden Room