South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

Dexter Brewhouse welcomes visitors with its open, versatile space, and inventive food. A rich, deep color palette mixes with dark woods and raw steel in this industrial-chic restaurant, bar, and brewery in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. The main dining area greets guests with custom-designed tables and banquette seating. Deep red suede upholstery blends with dark, natural wood grain and raw steel for a variety of options in size and height that feel open but at the same time inviting. Custom steel light fixtures inspired by the hoops and staves of barrels provide warm glow to complement the natural light streaming in from the front windows.

Adjacent to the tables and cozy booths, lively bar seating and a lounge area provide a variety of options to suit any group, from the happy hour crowd and sit-down evening diners to the light-hearted mood of weekend brunch. The multi-leveled seating areas also help to break up the large restaurant, while still keeping the sections feel connected.

A custom wall designed from old barrels provides a focus while adding depth and character to the dining area. It also joins the space with the brewery on one side and the bar and lounge on the other. A raw steel pass-through space provides traffic flow and visual interest that lets the bright mural artwork on the wall behind the bar to peek through. Guests are also treated to a view of the Mollusk Brewery courtesy a large window wall, allowing for a peek in on the restaurant’s signature beer-making process. Just outside the brewing space is a private dining area, separated from the giant stainless tanks by an intricately carved wooden door that originated from an old Hindu temple.

Wrapping around behind the bar and barrel wall are multiple areas of cooling and dry storage, restrooms, an office, a cooking and prep area as well as a scullery room and garbage space, each designed to maximize the functionality for those working behind-the-scenes to create what comes out on everyone’s plate in this sophisticated and detailed neighborhood highlight.

High-quality finishes, all entirely custom-designed furniture and details like reclaimed wood cladding on the concrete columns transform what was a completely new and bare 5,000-square-foot space at the street level of an apartment complex into something that welcomes visitors inside its doors.

PROJECT NAME Dexter Brewhouse, previously Mollusk Restaurant and Brewery