Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA

Deity is a new skincare studio in the Fremont / Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, offering a tranquil and stylish atmosphere for it’s clients. Our client’s space was small, so our designs were focused on efficiency. The small storefront is filled with light, with a small area for retail, waiting, and semi-private treatments. Two additional, fully private treatment rooms were incorporated and separated from the public space by archways. The use of bold colors and eclectic interior design reflect the spa’s brand and the owner’s personal style. High ceilings let a maximum amount of light filter in and allow for a layering of vertical heights.

Despite the small size of the space, we took advantage of the opportunity for attractive vignettes and details. The volume of the space accommodates a wide range of storage, furniture, lighting, and material options without feeling cramped. The exterior of the store has been painted to coordinate with the branding of the studio, while still allowing Deity to blend in with the surrounding residential neighborhood.

PROJECT Deity Divine Skincare - Commercial Tenant Improvements (TI)