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SUGAR BAKERY AND COFFEEHOUSE (formerly Craftworks Coffee)
Queen Anne, Seattle, WA

Celebrating the relationship between the barista and the guest is at the heart of the design. An innovative 360-degree counter puts the barista at the center of the coffee experience, while the customer is engaged with the brewing process with views from any angle, including high seats at the counter itself. To hide a busy ceiling and provide a place for services and lights to drop down while adding a more intimate feel to the space, a dropped ceiling structure was designed over the coffee counter. A clean white and blackened steel aesthetic harmonizes with ash wood furniture and accents, all soaked in natural Northwest light thanks to a wall of windows out to the patio and the activity of Seattle Center.

PROJECT Sugar Bakery and Coffeehouse (formerly Craftworks Coffee) New Cafe Tenant Improvements (TI)

GENERAL CONTRATOR DMC Tenant Improvement Services