Greenwood, Seattle, WA

Popular local baker Rachael Coyle had been running a pop-up shop at the Book Larder for quite some time before she found the perfect location in the vibrant Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. This corner commercial space was completely gutted and remodeled to build the perfect first home for Rachael's first brick and mortar. Counter seating along the front windows was designed to allow views of the beautiful neighborhood and to provide a space for customers to linger and enjoy their time in the shop, creating a more substantial connection to the rest of the community.

Coyle's handmade pastries are beautifully showcased behind a glass display. With rotating seasonal pastry offerings, this glass display ensures every customer can catch a glimpse of the changing menu. The shop's open kitchen spills out into the lobby area, providing customers with an inside look at the loving care that goes into each pastry. The bright and beautiful design reflects the elegance in the pastry selection offered at Coyle's Bakeshop.

PROJECT Coyle's Bakeshop - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)

GENERAL CONTRACTOR Method Construction