Ballard, Seattle, WA

Chippy’s is chef and restaurateur Ethan Stowell’s take on fast food and conveniently located adjacent to his higher end Staple & Fancy. Formerly the Dutch Bike Company, the space was completely transformed into a warm and welcoming restaurant.

Comfort food like fish and chips are upgraded by using the highest quality ingredients. We emulated this idea by designing a space that was fun and easy without compromising class or sophistication. The original weathered brick is exposed to celebrate the rich history of the Kolstrand Building. The striking neon fish sign that overlooks the restaurant is eye-catching in an otherwise simply decorated space. The ash table tops and stained wood banquette enhance the space to make it lighter and brighter.

The open front connects the restaurant to the rest of Ballard and establishes Chippy's as a neighborhood hot spot for a meal that is delicious without being too fussy. Guests can take advantage of the additional seating on warm, sunny days. At 600 sq feet, the restaurant has an intimate character and through creative solution, the seating space was maximized without feeling crowded or overwhelming.

PROJECT Chippy's - New Restaurant Tenant Improvements (TI)