tv time by Claire Grotz

According from the stats from Nielsen (2009*), the average American home contains 2.86 televisions.  When designing homes, we discuss specific locations and visual prominence of the television early on in the design process.

Do you prefer your television prominently displayed in your home or hidden away until viewing time?  Perhaps you live in a condo where the homeowners’ association restricts wall-mounted televisions on a shared wall.  Maybe you need the flexibility of pivoting the television or even easily moving it between rooms.

There are many options available to provide secure, convenient and eye pleasing displaying of your televisions.  Here are a few that caught our attention:

Floor Mounted

The Sail by Desalto 

Wall Mounted With Pivot

Side System Wall Units by Fimar


The Cobra by Mario Bellini


Riddling Rack TV Cover by Pottery Barn


Vintage Stand by Etsy

Floor Plans from Popular Television Shows by Unknown

Here at atelier drome, we're huge fans of everything from House of Cards to The League. When we're not geeking out over deep, exaggerated eaves or hand-crafting light fixtures, you can find us laughing to the point of tears from The Mindy Project. So we couldn't have been more delighted to see these awesome floor plans hand drawn by interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. The architectural designs and interior decor revealed in Lizarralde's floor plans are a fun look into the lives of our favorite characters (as if we didn't already feel like Chandler and Joey were our best friends). Check out the rest here!