hang on! by Claire Grotz

Stair rails have an obvious safety role but also a strong aesthetic presence. Here are some examples that go above and beyond the typical wood balusters.

Inline image 1
This rail reads as sculpture rather than a wall by the subtle curvature at the base.
Inline image 5
A curved wood rail lit from above elevates this plywood stair.
Inline image 6
Leather balusters keep this rail tactile.
Inline image 2
A tinted glass rail plays with solid vs. translucent allowing the stair to feel like a single mass but also staying light.

Inline image 7
A floating steel rail guides the eye upstairs.

Inline image 3
Simple metal railing contrasts with a softly curved white stair
Inline image 8
The (not) rail - a clever use of void rather than object to create a rail
Inline image 9
Evoking rhythm of steps, this string rail creates a visual separation for the stair.

Inline image 4
In sharp contrast to many of the open riser/glass stair rails that we see around, this marble rail and stair pack some heft, but the curve keeps it fluid.