Angdong Hospital Project | Rural Urban Framework by Unknown

This hospital is located  in a rural village of Angdong in Hunan Province in China. The intention behind the design was to make this hospital a catalyst for sustainable modern healthcare in rural regions. 

It was a collaboration work with charity and government of Angdong village to introduce a hospital model for the community. Institutions such as schools and hospitals in China is usually walled off, and has no sense of "transparency" to the public. The architects have managed to introduce modern "public-friendly" perspective into a rural China. 

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Casa no Tempo | Aires Mateus + João and Andreia Rodrigues by Unknown

"The intervention aimed to reclaim the natural beauty of the rural territory and landscape, avoiding a conventional approach by liberating the land," says the architects.

This beautiful house is situated in rural Portugal. It is designed to enhance the surrounding landscape and the historical heritage of the context. There are three steps taken into account to complete this architecture.

First step was to restore the house to maintain its integrity to respect its cultural heritage and highlight natural elements that are associated with the place.

The second step, to meet the client's need, was the introduction of the water element as a swimming pool that reminiscent of the beach topography. It is a square pool in the middle of the countryside. 

The third step was to create a garden that displays a pallet that stimulates our sensory by cultivating flowers, vegetables, and other relevant agricultural elements.

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