pioneer square

dreams of gold by miriam_atelierdrome

Many early adventurers returned to Pioneer Square with fortunes of gold.

These miners came back with $4 million in gold in 1899. This photo was taken in front of the Steamer Roanoke. 

Once all the gold was off the ship, it was loaded onto one of the many waiting wagons, and driven up the hill to the U.S. Assay Office. 
The U.S. Assay Office, which was built in 1905, was located at 617 9th Ave, which is now on First Hill between Swedish and Harborview Hopstials. The Assay Office was opened in response to large quantity of gold arriving in Seattle. 

Once at the Assay Office, the gold's purity would be assessed, and then purchased for cash by the United States. 

Gold ingots stored at the Assay Office in Seattle. 

sign of the times by Unknown

Recently, we've been doing some research on coffee shop signage for Caffe Ladro and we came across some really awesome designs we couldn't help but share. Exterior signage not only announces the name of the coffee shop but the initial impression from the sign can also play an important role in shaping the overall experience for the consumer so it is a crucial part of the design process! Effectively designed signage can capture the culture and atmosphere of a coffee shop, attracting customers to the shop. Check out some of the signs we loved.

Too see images like this and everything else that inspires us, check out our Pinterest page, here! Also, congratulations to Caffe Ladro for their grand opening this week!  Make sure to stop by (400 Fairview).

October Art Walk by Unknown

If you haven't heard, Atelier Drome has been participating in Pioneer Square's First Thursday Art Walk since the beginning of this year. For October, we're excited to host photographer Costinel Anciu and his amazing work. We'll be opening our studio doors, next Thursday October 1st, from 5-8pm so please stop by for some awesome photography and light refreshments! Click here for more information!

“Born and raised in Romania, calling Seattle home since 2006. After receiving his BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Corcoran College of Art+Design in Washington DC., he started his career as a wedding photographer to the awarded photographer Michael Bennett Kress and as a darkroom technician and photo studio assistant to portrait photographer Leslie Cashen. His work has been exhibited at the corcoran Museum of Art, the Foundry Gallery in Seattle and Portland and his new body of work can be viewed at the JAX building in Queen Anne. He teaches intro to photography workshops in Seattle, photo workshop tours in Transylvania, Romania and works as a freelance photographer.

Artist statement:
“ I strongly believe that every photograph has to captivate its viewer and make a statement.My work is produced with great attention to detail, discovering unique perspectives of both, familiar and new subjects.It is one of the things that sets me apart…The other being my friendly,easy-going personality of course..”

Costinel Anciu

Park(ing) Day 2015 by Unknown

Park(ing) Day is an event we look forward to every year and this year was no exception. Previous years, we custom built some chairs and even designed a mini-golf course. This year, we opted for more relaxing vibe, setting up an outdoor lounge with games and space to unwind. All around the city there were parklets with flower making stations, a bubble garden, and more! We loved the chance to enjoy the Pioneer Square neighborhood, meet great people, and participate in such a fun event. Now to start planning for next year....

Read more about the event here