mood board

mood board monday: wallingford residence by Claire Grotz

Owners of the Wallingford home are looking to make their current residence more usable according to their daily needs. They are attracted to wallpaper and statement pieces in what would otherwise be a very simple, traditional room.  The rooms will be used as an informal private retreat with smart storage solutions to keep their space organized and functional. Happy Mood Board Monday!

furniture & accessories by Claire Grotz

At Atelier Drome, we are design curators - with  knowledge of and access to both current and timeless designs to complete your space. Our interior design services strive to refine and compliment your ideal aesthetic. Whatever you need to make your home or commercial space feel truly finished, we can help you find that special item you didn't even know was missing.

bellevue healthcare by Claire Grotz

Bellevue HealthCare, a locally owned and operated medical supplier, has been in business in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade.  So when they approached us to design a new headquarters for them in the heart of Redmond, we were thrilled! Their new home is located in a 13,360sf office building.  Adding new interior partitions, we were able to create multiple open work areas, coupled with playful independent office pods.  Additionally, a generously appointed kitchen and employee lounge were added, as well as updates to the conference room and reception area. Working in tandem with the builder, DLH, many of the existing elements were re-purposed and given new life.  All new finishes were selected and the space is now sporting an edgy, raw aesthetic.  This once cavernous and dull office space is now an upbeat and exciting place to work.

queen anne craftsman remodel by Claire Grotz

Mood Board Monday features a Queen Anne Remodel. The homeowners are wanting modern comfort in their expanded home. We plan on adding character back into the house with a craftsman style. Generally, the home will have an informal look but with a baby grand piano and gas fireplace in the living room area, it will have a welcoming and formal touch where needed.

bar harbor mood board by Claire Grotz

The early stages of design development for Bar Harbor, started with a materials mood board. The design for Bar Harbor was inspired by the overall concept of transporting the Atlantic Northeast to the Pacific Northwest.  As a result, the design takes inspiration from New England coastal eateries, using natural wood, hand painted elements and nautical details to recall the characteristics of a Maine lobster shack experience reinterpreted for a contemporary northwest context. Happy Mood Board Monday!