living room

sofa to sitcom by Unknown

When we're not busy designing living rooms we're busy watching them on our favorite sitcoms. It's fun to test if we're absorbing any of the interior decor while laughing along with some of our favorite characters. How many of these do you recognize? We got a 93%, think you can beat our score? Try the quiz here!

Park(ing) Day 2015 by Unknown

Park(ing) Day is an event we look forward to every year and this year was no exception. Previous years, we custom built some chairs and even designed a mini-golf course. This year, we opted for more relaxing vibe, setting up an outdoor lounge with games and space to unwind. All around the city there were parklets with flower making stations, a bubble garden, and more! We loved the chance to enjoy the Pioneer Square neighborhood, meet great people, and participate in such a fun event. Now to start planning for next year....

Read more about the event here