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bringing inspiration to life: from mood board to reality by Claire Grotz

One of the first deliverables (and arguably one of the most important) of any design project is a mood board. This collection of inspiration images serves as a visual road map throughout the design process, allowing you and your designer to create a cohesive look & feel (concept) for your space. Inspiration images can be as abstract and seemingly unrelated to architecture as fashion, artwork, food or travel photography. Sometimes, the more unrelated the better as it allows for more creativity to design a truly unique and personalized space.  Below are a few inspiration images from a New England concept paired with ideas for how to relate them back to the final design.

To start, the color palette can be derived from one main inspiration image with the look & feel you are going for. Here, it is beachy, light, casual and clean, with lots of blues and soft neutrals.

For example, here we took the weathered wood look from a boat deck and used that as inspiration for the flooring.

Here the color & texture of nautical rope can appear in a chunky knitted throw.

The bathroom fixture on the right was inspired by nautical equipment, both in the design and finish.

The stripes on these boat covers can be referenced through the color and pattern of fabric choices.

By creating a comprehensive collection of inspiration images for the mood board, and referencing it periodically as the project progresses, you and your designer will be able to build a final design that clearly reflects your desired outcome for the space. If you have a future project in mind, I recommend gathering images as early in possible. That way you are ready to hit the ground running when it comes time to start the process. Happy collecting!

tv time by Claire Grotz

According from the stats from Nielsen (2009*), the average American home contains 2.86 televisions.  When designing homes, we discuss specific locations and visual prominence of the television early on in the design process.

Do you prefer your television prominently displayed in your home or hidden away until viewing time?  Perhaps you live in a condo where the homeowners’ association restricts wall-mounted televisions on a shared wall.  Maybe you need the flexibility of pivoting the television or even easily moving it between rooms.

There are many options available to provide secure, convenient and eye pleasing displaying of your televisions.  Here are a few that caught our attention:

Floor Mounted

The Sail by Desalto 

Wall Mounted With Pivot

Side System Wall Units by Fimar


The Cobra by Mario Bellini


Riddling Rack TV Cover by Pottery Barn


Vintage Stand by Etsy

sofa to sitcom by Unknown

When we're not busy designing living rooms we're busy watching them on our favorite sitcoms. It's fun to test if we're absorbing any of the interior decor while laughing along with some of our favorite characters. How many of these do you recognize? We got a 93%, think you can beat our score? Try the quiz here!

kids table by Unknown

With the holidays right around the bend we’re thinking it’s time for the card table and folding chairs to get an upgrade: here is some furniture that makes us want to sit at the kids table this season:

Even the littlest guest can partake in the festivities in these beautifully designed high chairs.

Spanish children’s furniture maker Micuna’s Ovo highchair. Practical without sacrificing on design, the wood legs are made of sustainable beech and the white tray is dishwasher safe. And it doesn’t take a kids imagination to see that the packaging may be their favorite part of the deal

Finnish birch plywood Onni chair comes in festive colors and forgoes the tray for inclusion at the family table

Danish furniture maker Small Design’s “cirkel” table comes with four stools that can be tucked away when not in use or arranged to create a second smaller table.

Also by Small Design, the “cube” is a table and chair in one

And last but not least, reminiscent of the tolix stool but in mini, the Lemonade table & stool set by babyletto is stackable washable and works as a stool or side table as well.

Will your kids table resemble any of these? Let us know what you have planned for your holidays!

headquarters with pizzazz by Unknown

The average American spends a lot of time at the office. Why not design work spaces to be an inviting, interesting, and inspirational place? An atrium lounge filled with natural light and comfortable seating would certainly be an enjoyable place for a coffee break. Meetings would be so much more bearable seated at an enormous conference table with mismatched chairs. And who wouldn't love to enjoy their lunch seated in a carousel inspired banquette in the office cafeteria? We hope you find these images of well designed headquarters from around the world as inspirational as we have.