dreams of gold by miriam_atelierdrome

Many early adventurers returned to Pioneer Square with fortunes of gold.

These miners came back with $4 million in gold in 1899. This photo was taken in front of the Steamer Roanoke. 

Once all the gold was off the ship, it was loaded onto one of the many waiting wagons, and driven up the hill to the U.S. Assay Office. 
The U.S. Assay Office, which was built in 1905, was located at 617 9th Ave, which is now on First Hill between Swedish and Harborview Hopstials. The Assay Office was opened in response to large quantity of gold arriving in Seattle. 

Once at the Assay Office, the gold's purity would be assessed, and then purchased for cash by the United States. 

Gold ingots stored at the Assay Office in Seattle.