flat renovation

London Tower is Falling Down by Unknown

This water tower, located in central London was completely transformed by the owners from a crumbling architectural remnant of the 19th century to a beautiful modern living space with unbeatable views. We're completely in love with the enormous windows and the rooftop terrace and would gladly take the gray of London to spend some time in this beautiful home. Read more about the project here!

Micro-apartment in Berlin by Unknown

It's easy to feel like a victim of sensory overload these days when our phones are constantly being bombarded with notifications and we spend the majority of our days staring at brightly lit screens, overexposed to colors and visually over-stimulating images. So sometimes, seeing a minimalist space, like this apartment in Berlin, exercising restraint in design, is just as interesting and compelling as a space with crazy, intricate details. We love the deliberate use of proportions to work with the small area of the apartment as well as space-saving solutions like a staircase that provides enough room for a bookcase if needed. See more of the project here.