famous architecture

Napkin Sketches by Unknown

As you might expect from architects, we tend to be big fans of doodling. The NewSchool and San Diego American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) took doodles one step further by collecting sketches from some of the most respected architects in the world for a fundraiser to provide scholarships and programs for architecture students. It's awesome to see something as simple as a sketch go toward furthering education! See more sketches here.

Works in Progress by Unknown

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Space Needle

Sydney Opera House

Eiffel Tower

Golden Gate Bridge

Tower Bridge

There's something intimate about seeing a project before it's completely finished. It almost feels like a well-kept secret for exclusive insiders. Here we gathered some of the most famous architectural sights, not in their usual state of completion, but under construction. While they may not be as polished as you might be used to seeing, we're in love with the rough beauty of seeing these projects in progress! See more buildings under construction here.