The New Crematorium, The Woodland Cemetery | Johan Celsing Arkitektkontor by Unknown

Architects design habitable spaces for better quality of life. But what about the dead? Do architects design spaces for the dead also? Absolutely. 

Deep topics such as life and death, lead a group of designers to create a new woodland crematorium in Stockholm, Sweden. When we think of crematorium, we instantly think of death. But let's not forget, death is part of life as well. To make sure that the soul of the dead is rested, certain human tradition takes place. 

The site is in dense forest area, so the motto of this project is "Stone in the Forest". Unfinished white concrete is used to show honesty and purity in the interior, and bricks are used on the exterior to relates to the earth. The light from the sky penetrates the inside spade, establishing a connection with the heavens. Click here to learn more about the details.

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP by Unknown

The optical glass house is designed to create an oasis where busy traffic contaminates the surroundings with unpleasant noises. 

The glass facade, constructed out of 6,000 pieces of custom glass-bricks, serves as a filterer to block traffic noises, invites natural light into the space, and display an abstracted scene of constantly moving traffic. 

This serene architecture allows us to boost our senses to fully connect ourselves with natural elements that are lacking on the site. 

The contrast between nature and  vehicular traffic makes this architecture conceptually strong. Click here to watch a short movie and learn more about this amazing architecture.