bellden cafe construction continued by Claire Grotz

It's happening! Decorative tiles went in at the Bellden Cafe construction site in Bellevue to bring together the bright shop. The cafe is inspired by European design marked by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. With coastal colors the cafe will be a unique coffee spot and we can't wait for it to be finished! 

bellevue healthcare by Claire Grotz

Bellevue HealthCare, a locally owned and operated medical supplier, has been in business in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade.  So when they approached us to design a new headquarters for them in the heart of Redmond, we were thrilled! Their new home is located in a 13,360sf office building.  Adding new interior partitions, we were able to create multiple open work areas, coupled with playful independent office pods.  Additionally, a generously appointed kitchen and employee lounge were added, as well as updates to the conference room and reception area. Working in tandem with the builder, DLH, many of the existing elements were re-purposed and given new life.  All new finishes were selected and the space is now sporting an edgy, raw aesthetic.  This once cavernous and dull office space is now an upbeat and exciting place to work.

new construction in bellevue by Claire Grotz

Construction is underway for a new construction and residential design project in Bellevue. The bright and traditional concept for this home will bring it to life. Darker finished on the lower floors will transition to light finishes on the upper floor and while the main level will have a formal look to it, the upper floor will have a casual feel.  Keep reading to see further updates on our projects!

bellden cafe construction by Claire Grotz

Construction is in progress at Bellden Cafe in Bellevue! This initial buildout in a new building on Main Street will bring a bright beach cafe inspired coffee spot, with a design that borrows from Scandinavian ideas. The simplicity in layout, materials, and colors, paired with a few decorative touches, will make for a unique destination. We are excited to see this project getting started, and we'll be sure to show off more soon!