march's featured project by Claire Grotz

Our clients have lived on a 1,500 square foot houseboat for years. The houseboat is where they raised their children but they are now ready for an upgrade. Designing a houseboat for them presented some unique challenges since new houseboats aren't allowed. Therefore, this was designed to take the place of the existing houseboat where it matches the exact size, footprint, and height of the pre-existing home. 

Space is utilized with lots of built ins to fit a living space, office, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms comfortably. Niches between the float framing act as storage for kayaks and other items. Because construction was done on a float, builders were not able to use a level and precise fabrication was done off site and installed on the boat as a unit. 

Plenty of skylights and windows take advantage of the surrounding natural light and views. Cedar screens were installed at the perimeter of the float to create private outdoor spaces while radiant heated flooring keeps the inside cozy. The houseboat is being built in Ballard and will then be brought to it's final home of Lake Union this month. The previous houseboat has been donated and will sit on land in its next life. 

pacific northwest contemporary home construction by Claire Grotz

In Phinney Ridge, we can see our Pacific Northwest contemporary home slowly coming to life. The project is currently in the construction phase and each month the house inches closer to completion with help from STS Construction. With a 9 month completion target, the Pacific Northwest contemporary home will be finished in August 2017!




december's featured project by Claire Grotz

A renovation to an existing house overlooking Cle Elum Lake, is taking place near Ronald, WA. The current design of the roof results in as much as 15 feet of snow and ice cascading onto the clients' deck - this is the main reason for the project, as this problematic roof design resulted in half of the original metal roofing peeling off. The project proposes a revised roof design that will allow snow to slide off to an out-of-the-way location and provide covered outdoor areas. It also involves a lower-level addition of a wine storage area for 750-1000 bottles and a tasting area underneath a new deck and adjacent to new stone or concrete patios.

new construction in bellevue by Claire Grotz

Construction is underway for a new construction and residential design project in Bellevue. The bright and traditional concept for this home will bring it to life. Darker finished on the lower floors will transition to light finishes on the upper floor and while the main level will have a formal look to it, the upper floor will have a casual feel.  Keep reading to see further updates on our projects!

november's featured project by Claire Grotz

A 1950's split level home in Leshi is getting a remodel and addition. The entire interior is being gutted, a story is being added, and we are re-working the entry sequence from the street.  When complete, the current top floor will be reworked so that it has two generous bedrooms as well as a master suite.  Public areas are pushed to the new top story with lots of windows allowing a view over Lake Washington, Mercer Island, and Mt. Rainier. With some of the best views of the area, the single-family remodel will take advantage of the amazing property benefits. Stay tuned to see the progress of the Leshi neighborhood home!

bellden cafe construction by Claire Grotz

Construction is in progress at Bellden Cafe in Bellevue! This initial buildout in a new building on Main Street will bring a bright beach cafe inspired coffee spot, with a design that borrows from Scandinavian ideas. The simplicity in layout, materials, and colors, paired with a few decorative touches, will make for a unique destination. We are excited to see this project getting started, and we'll be sure to show off more soon!