new construction in bellevue by Claire Grotz

Construction is underway for a new construction and residential design project in Bellevue. The bright and traditional concept for this home will bring it to life. Darker finished on the lower floors will transition to light finishes on the upper floor and while the main level will have a formal look to it, the upper floor will have a casual feel.  Keep reading to see further updates on our projects!

carriage house mood board by Claire Grotz

Happy Mood Board Monday! This week we are featuring our Carriage House project. A full second story addition and a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU) are being added the the Queen Anne residence.  Traditional, yet, dramatic stairs and windows will be used on the space with an eyebrow dormer roof design. The curved roof will add an aesthetically pleasing, soft detail.

the modern tree house by Claire Grotz

Tree houses bring about the childhood nostalgia of summers spent in the backyard.  Not only do tree houses encourage people to be more connected with the outdoors, but they also bring a sense of youthful whimsy. Luckily, with modern architectural design, tree houses are no longer just for the kids. Take a look at these tree houses that give traditional designs a playful twist.

rain chains by miriam_atelierdrome

Rain chains are a beautiful eco-friendly alternative to traditional downspouts. They are historically from Japan, where they are called kusari-toi, which translates to "chain gutters."

Rain chains can be a simple, functional and minimalist chain or something much more artistic, like flowers, cups, or fish.

They can be used with any style house, from modern to traditional. 

Greenlake Custom Home

Which rain chain would look great at your home?

harmonizing the past & present by Claire Grotz

One of the great things about living in Seattle is that we have an eclectic mix of architectural styles spanning decades if not centuries. No matter what your taste is, there is something for everyone. With that said, it can sometimes be challenging to find the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary when remodeling an older home. Naturally, you want to personalize the space, update it and make it your own. But at the same time there needs to be harmony between the original architectural style and the new renovation so that all of the elements “play well together”. To bring the past and present in sync, a classic space can feel contemporary by cleaning up the lines and reducing ornamentation. Conversely, a contemporary space can have a more vintage feel through traditional material choices and retro-inspired fixtures. Below are a few inspiration images for bathroom updates that do a nice job of crossing over between the past and the present. Enjoy!

Kinoya Restaurant | Jean de Lessard by Unknown

In Japan, an "Izakaya" is a traditional bar and a place of socialization. Here at Kinoya, the narrow space forces to relate to one another, and creates a space that bonds the occupants.

Wood from local barns are reused as finish for the interior, and it was assembled irregularly and with angularity to help muffle the ambient noise.

Drawings and graffitis catches eye and confirm the urban character of this Japanese Bar. Kakemono banners that are used in the streets also vividly expresses the Japanese tradition.

Read more about this project here.