Reminds me of WoZoCo by Michelle Linden

The project shown above is a recently completed social housing project on the coast in Izola, Slovenia. In many ways it seems like the architects (Ofis) have learned from MVRDV's WoZoCo (shown below) and used the knowledge gained to create a new and exciting project. Both apartment complexes are for people with modest incomes (social housing and senior housing), both use color to individualize the units and excite both occupants and visitors, and both use balconies and projected spaces to great dynamic effect. The Ofis apartments also take great care to protect the inhabitants from harsh sunlight and intrusive neighbors. I must say that I love them both!

A Great Place for a Meeting by Michelle Linden

Slovenian architects Sadar Vuga Arhitekti have successfully integrated a new meeting area into one of their prior projects (see upper left corner of elevation) by transforming the existing garden terrace into a meeting space complete with a garden stripe that can be used year round. The garden winds around the new spaces creating intimate areas while still maintaining a sense of open air that extends all the way to the sweeping views of Ljubljana.

The greenery that winds its way throughout the space has also informed the structure... The skin is made up of a series of steel lamellas (a thin plate or scale of anything, as a thin scale growing from the petals of certain flowers) inspired by plant structure.

The images from this project are as incredible as the thinking behind it... can you imagine having your lunch meeting at one of these tables? This project is just the type that actually does improve daily life.... just imagine the quality of your work experience if you could hang out here for part of the day!

Futuristic Kitchens by Michelle Linden

French designer Ora Ito has developed a new line of 'futuristic kitchens' for Slovenia based appliance manufacturer Gorenje. The design incorporates Gorenje's value of high design, technical superiority, and concern for the environment. Like many other pre-fab kitchen units, this would be perfect for anyone with an empty loft condo... Its a fun design that appears to takes its cues from Apple and the ipod, but if it functions as well as Gorenje's appliances it would probably be a great, but dated solution. Decades from now, I think we'll be able to look back at designs such as these as part of the mac design revolution.