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Join the Club! by Michelle Linden

In a coordinated effort between my company and my blog, I'm starting a new design club e-newsletter. The monthly newsletter will likely include popular posts from the blog, but it will also include design features and stories not posted on this blog. So... if you'd like to be included on the list, just sign up on the form located on the upper left corner of the blog's main page.
Also, when you join... you will be sent an email asking you to confirm that you'd like to receive the newsletter. Please be sure to click on YES (at the bottom of the email) otherwise you will miss out on the newsletter.
I hope you'll enjoy it!

Last Day by Michelle Linden

Well, tomorrow is officially my last day at work. I've been at my current office for a little over 4 years, so its going to be a bit of an adjustment for me.
Since I'll have a bit of spare time now, I'm hopefully going to be doing a bit more blogging and finishing up our house. But, most importantly, I'm going to try and go out on my own... I've been thinking about it for a while, so I'm just going to jump in. I've set up a new site ( for the office and will continue to blog at this website. The new office's website isn't up and running yet, but I will keep you posted when its up. In the meantime, I just wanted to let you all know about this new venture, as well as ask everyone to update their links. Anyone who was previously linking to will now get the office site, rather than this blog.
Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll keep you all updated on my progress.

Absent by Michelle Linden

I apologize for such intermittent posting over the last few months... I've been embroiled in a remodel, busy at work, on vacation, and utterly obsessed with the election. Now that most of that is over, I will try to get back to some form of regular posting!