Seattle House Hunt

A Difference in Opinion by Michelle Linden

This article/photo about what to do with the eyesore next door gave me a chuckle. Admittedly, the house on the right (which I assume, is what they consider the eyesore) is a little worse for the wear... But honestly, I actually think its less of an eyesore than the other two homes. At least it has decent bones and could be fixed up into a great home with a bit of work. The other homes are destined to be terrible forever, with no real hope for any aesthetic improvement. Obviously the people over at msn just don't share my opinions about design...

First Day of the Big Move by Michelle Linden

Today we started moving into our new house... Its likely going to take us an entire month to move in, partly because we need to downsize our belongings and I'm hoping Craigslist will help us out. Still, today we were able to move all of the kitchen items (except a few dishes to last us) and most of our books. And of course, this being Seattle, we did it all in the rain.

Tomorrow is another move day... and hopefully a drier one!

Just Signed Our Lives Away by Michelle Linden

Well, its officially official. C and I just signed all of the loan documents tonight!! We get the keys on Thursday and I can not wait to start measuring.... This tiny mid-century modern gem is absolutely livable as is, but I really can't wait to start remodeling. I've been running through a few things in my head, and will be sure to post some of them once I've got them on paper. Even though I'm really excited to start re-designing and remodeling, I'm sure it will be quite some time before everything gets done (or even started). In the meantime... it will be fun to bbq in the backyard!

I Feel like Goldilocks by Michelle Linden

A few images of some of the houses C & I have encountered while house hunting. I feel like Goldilocks because there is something wrong with every house... One house is too expensive, another is too dilapidated, another is in a bad neighborhood. We've been using a lot of gas checking out all of these homes!

Rejected by Michelle Linden

Some things really are too good to be true. This house came on the market on Sunday and we had an offer in by 4pm. The house is in a great neighborhood and was very cute inside (but still in need of work), with an unfinished basement and a garage... everything we are looking for, and in our price range. We presented a good offer (significantly more than asking), but were rejected in part because we wanted to get an inspection. Apparently the owners decided that they would rather wait around for an even higher offer, and one that would waive an inspection. The sad thing is... they'll get it. I guess its back to the house hunt for us!