march's featured project by Claire Grotz

Our clients have lived on a 1,500 square foot houseboat for years. The houseboat is where they raised their children but they are now ready for an upgrade. Designing a houseboat for them presented some unique challenges since new houseboats aren't allowed. Therefore, this was designed to take the place of the existing houseboat where it matches the exact size, footprint, and height of the pre-existing home. 

Space is utilized with lots of built ins to fit a living space, office, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms comfortably. Niches between the float framing act as storage for kayaks and other items. Because construction was done on a float, builders were not able to use a level and precise fabrication was done off site and installed on the boat as a unit. 

Plenty of skylights and windows take advantage of the surrounding natural light and views. Cedar screens were installed at the perimeter of the float to create private outdoor spaces while radiant heated flooring keeps the inside cozy. The houseboat is being built in Ballard and will then be brought to it's final home of Lake Union this month. The previous houseboat has been donated and will sit on land in its next life. 

mood board monday: wallingford residence by Claire Grotz

Owners of the Wallingford home are looking to make their current residence more usable according to their daily needs. They are attracted to wallpaper and statement pieces in what would otherwise be a very simple, traditional room.  The rooms will be used as an informal private retreat with smart storage solutions to keep their space organized and functional. Happy Mood Board Monday!

february's featured project: navy strength by Claire Grotz

With Seattle being adjacent to Puget Sound, it is no wonder that the water played an integral part of Seattle's history. Inspired by the maritime background of Seattle, owner of the soon to be Navy Strength wanted to convert a 2,422 square foot retail space into a Tiki bar. We were more than happy to help with the process. This space is located right next to No Anchor restaurant in the neighborhood of Belltown. With just a few more finishing touches to be made, Navy Strength should be open in no time!

queen anne craftsman remodel by Claire Grotz

Mood Board Monday features a Queen Anne Remodel. The homeowners are wanting modern comfort in their expanded home. We plan on adding character back into the house with a craftsman style. Generally, the home will have an informal look but with a baby grand piano and gas fireplace in the living room area, it will have a welcoming and formal touch where needed.

yves saint laurent: the perfection of style by Claire Grotz

You have from now until January 8th to see the exhibit, "Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style" at the Seattle Art Museum. Explore the 44-year long career of Yves Saint Laurent. Not only does the exhibit feature garments but it presents sketches, film, and fabric scraps to understand the legendary designer's entire design process. Dive into the design community by going to the SAM this month.

december's featured project by Claire Grotz

A renovation to an existing house overlooking Cle Elum Lake, is taking place near Ronald, WA. The current design of the roof results in as much as 15 feet of snow and ice cascading onto the clients' deck - this is the main reason for the project, as this problematic roof design resulted in half of the original metal roofing peeling off. The project proposes a revised roof design that will allow snow to slide off to an out-of-the-way location and provide covered outdoor areas. It also involves a lower-level addition of a wine storage area for 750-1000 bottles and a tasting area underneath a new deck and adjacent to new stone or concrete patios.