Living on the Beach - a dream come true by Michelle Linden

This house by Aires Mateus would be pretty much a dream come true for me. A minimal structure, living on the beach, modern forms and a rustic materiality... what is not to love? Very little makes me happier than spending time on the beach, so I really can't imagine a better combination of my two loves - Modern Architecture and the Beach. 

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I Could Not Love This More by Michelle Linden

This home, a comment on the archetype is absolutely fantastic. Designed by Portuguese architecture firm Aires Mateus, the home modernizes a classical house form. Rather than directing the residents' views outwards beyond the home, the light in this home is provided from the 3 story courtyard allowing for inward reflection and communication.
While I realize that this house isn't for everyone... I absolutely love it. It is a daring person who is willing to plunk this house down in a traditional location, but living in it would be like living inside your favorite sculpture (which to me, sounds fantastic).
I've been looking at this project for over a week, and I just can't stop going back over and over again.

Love Tree by Michelle Linden

A friend of mine from school is living in Chicago and maintaining his long distance relationship with his girlfriend in Coimbra, Portugal. They are both totally stylish and talented, so I'm not surprised that they decided to take advantage of their environment to proclaim their love. Painted on the stone by a tree below her apartment, I'm sure this Love Tree brings a smile to her face every day.

How Embarrassing by Michelle Linden

So, the World Expo 2010 is taking place in Shanghai, and many of the world's best architects have contributed designs. Many countries have hired the best architects found in their own country, while others have ventured out beyond their borders... but most designs have something in common... trying to articulate the priorities and passions of their home country, exuding confidence and creativity. Of course, I say most because the US is one glaring exception. What does our pavilion say about us? We could be locate along any highway in any suburb. We value conformity and corporate culture (which we can directly link to many of the problems plaguing our nation). We don't really have any place for innovation or creativity and we certainly don't value our architects, which is why we hired a Canadian to design a metal panelled representation of an eagle (there is that lack of creativity and ingenuity again).
Very Frustrating. An expo is not an office park.

South Korea

Chamber Orchestra of Cascais by Michelle Linden

I posted about a previous project by ARX... so I'm not surprised that I really like this recent project by the Lisbon based firm. The design is the result of Cascais competition and has recently opened to the public. If you've been to this site before, then you know that I've got a real appreciation for modern additions to older structures. This project is quite sensitive to the original building, just barely engaging it physically while keeping a similar palette of colors and textures. By doing this, instead of flagrantly disregarding the original intent, ARX manages to celebrate both the new and the old.