the modern tree house by Claire Grotz

Tree houses bring about the childhood nostalgia of summers spent in the backyard.  Not only do tree houses encourage people to be more connected with the outdoors, but they also bring a sense of youthful whimsy. Luckily, with modern architectural design, tree houses are no longer just for the kids. Take a look at these tree houses that give traditional designs a playful twist.

rain chains by miriam_atelierdrome

Rain chains are a beautiful eco-friendly alternative to traditional downspouts. They are historically from Japan, where they are called kusari-toi, which translates to "chain gutters."

Rain chains can be a simple, functional and minimalist chain or something much more artistic, like flowers, cups, or fish.

They can be used with any style house, from modern to traditional. 

Greenlake Custom Home

Which rain chain would look great at your home?

screen time by Unknown

We appreciate the usefulness of a well-designed screen that is both aesthetically pleasing and a powerful workhorse. Need to divide a space without constructing permanent walls? Either a freestanding or ceiling hung partition could be the answer. Maybe you want to obscure an unsightly view of the neighbor’s garage. A screen that lets light filter through while obscuring the view could enhance your living space. How about providing some privacy with acoustic benefits in an open office layout? Yes, there are partitions for that too. We even found a screen with built-in storage. Enjoy perusing some of our favorite screen time options.

Facet by 3form

BuzziZone by BuzziSpace

Nomad System by Mio

Nebula by Tacchini

FeltWall by B&B Italia

sign of the times by Unknown

Recently, we've been doing some research on coffee shop signage for Caffe Ladro and we came across some really awesome designs we couldn't help but share. Exterior signage not only announces the name of the coffee shop but the initial impression from the sign can also play an important role in shaping the overall experience for the consumer so it is a crucial part of the design process! Effectively designed signage can capture the culture and atmosphere of a coffee shop, attracting customers to the shop. Check out some of the signs we loved.

Too see images like this and everything else that inspires us, check out our Pinterest page, here! Also, congratulations to Caffe Ladro for their grand opening this week!  Make sure to stop by (400 Fairview).

architecture worth courting by Unknown

If you're like us, you're not quite ready to let go of summer quite yet. We're desperate to cling tightly onto the last rays of sunshine so this week, we're loving these beautiful courtyards. We love natural light and integrating the outdoors with architecture, For us, especially in Seattle, any glimpse of sun is something to celebrate and a beautifully designed courtyard makes it easy. Check out more of Remodelista's courtyard projects here.