1 of 101 by Michelle Linden

As many people are aware, Wallpaper* recently came out with their list of 101 world's most exciting new architects. Being somewhat new, its not surprising that many of the architects are unknown to me (as I'm sure they are unknown to others as well).

One of the architects is a designer out of Malta; Chris Briffa. The photographs shown below are from Auntielucy, an Italian furniture gallery in Malta. The minimal design and lighting provides a serene backdrop for modern furniture. I particularly like how the wood counter extends out from the recess in the cabinetry.

Perusing Chris' site, I am also impressed by the quality of imagery and models produces for a wide variety of projects and phases. The section and models below were used as part of a competition entry for a Secondary School. The section and model are quite clearly explain the design intent while still providing the sexy imagery often desired in competition entry. It often seems like that in this digital age we forget the true purpose of drawings and models, seduced by graphics and imagery. But these images are both pleasing to the eye and clear and understandable.