Doing Good Through Design by Michelle Linden

War Victims - 'child soldiers' by Pablo Grand Mourcel, France

Water Scarcity by Rémy Le Rumeur, France

Child Mortality by Behrooz Gorgin, Iran

Global Warming by Sadık Sakin, Turkey

Human Rights Violation - 'freedom' by Napin Mandhachitara, Thailand

Hunting - 'stop commercial whaling' by Cédric Quissola, France

STDs - 'aids' by Onur Gökalp, Turkey

Good 'O8 has created a contest for advertisers and graphic designers to allow them to use their craft for good, rather than sales. They created 7 topics and asked designers all over the world to create 50x70 posters based on these topics. Thirty winners were selected from each category (above are a few of my favorites) and could potentially be used by charities across the globe.

Check the designs out... there are so many fabulous and thought provoking designs...

Ave Art Gallery by Michelle Linden

This gallery by Reza Daneshmir, located in Tehran, Iran is a fabulous re-use of an existing in-ground pool. The architect created a sloped truss spanning the pool, which supports a lightweight roof above and the stairs below, enabling the design to use the entire pool as gallery space... And the diffused light that comes from above is pretty sweet too...

Iranian Graphic Design by Michelle Linden

I have always been a big fan of Islamic Art and Architecture, but most of my experience has been with ancient rather than modern designs. However, when I stumbled across these phenomenal modern graphics by Iranian artists, I was immediately in love. Calligraphy is such an important part of Iranian culture, its no wonder that graphic designers have so heartily embraced typographical design.

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