Paintless Coke Cans by Michelle Linden

Not only do these paintless coke cans look fantastic, but they could help save the world! OK, so maybe that's exaggerating a little... but only a little. Traditional coke cans have to be painted in the factory and then the paint has to be removed before they can be recycled. This design would eliminate both of those steps. It may not sound like much, but we're talking about 24,773,757,785 cans a year. Yeah... almost 25 Billion.
Good design and good for the environment? Sounds good to me.
Via Gizmodo.

2 by Demetrios Tsigos by Michelle Linden

This frame bar by Demetrios Tsigos reminds me of a mobius strip gone wild... Or perhaps one of those games you played as a child, cutting and folding a piece of paper. The contrast of materials is really interesting... stark white acrylic and a dark brown marble. Some of the images look like spilled paint to me...

I also quite like this apartment building by DT... The color of the building is reminicent of the typical white buildings one expects in Greece, but the form is much more modern. Still, I can imagine the smooth and massive form would fit right in...

Papercut is Right by Michelle Linden

While I don't think the execution is perfect, Yeshop Papercut succeeds as part retail space and part sculpture. I personally prefer the top two photos, and don't necessarily think that the boolean boxes shown in the lower photo are ideally placed for aesthetic balance... however, the idea is quite nice. Using very affordable materials (cardboard and osb) as well as a laser cutter (I hope!), the joint effort by dARCH Studio and Yiorgos Eleftheriades succeeds in creating the kind of shop you'd like to visit to check out cutting edge fashion.

Modern Greek by Michelle Linden

These images of the Fresh Hotel in Greece are what first brought my attention to Zeppos - Georgiadis & Associates. However, perusing their site, there are quite a few intriguing projects. As a mid-sized firm headed up by an architect and landscape architect, ZeGe has a wide variety of projects including hotels, retail, and residential projects. In my opinion, one of the most successful aspects of their work is the way their projects are incorporated into their respective surroundings... clearly influenced by ZeGe's background and experience in landscape architecture.
Residence, Drafi Attikis
Residential Complex, Ekali