Colorova Patisserie by Michelle Linden

Our office is currently working on a French Patisserie... And as a bit of a Francophile and a foodie who loves to learn about new hip restaurants, I've been keeping my eye out for interesting pastry shops. Colorova is a  Parisian Patisserie that is really checking off all my boxes. Well designed interior (largely created by local craftsmen), lots of color, light fixtures with a sense of humor (Marcel Wanders), and best of all... what looks to be delicious pastries. I'm ready to hop on a plane and stop by!

All photos by Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland (one of my favorite non-architect blogs).

Lucinahaven by Michelle Linden

Although most of my practice is residential, I am always drawn to light-filled colorful schools like here and here... so it is no surprise that this school by CEBR caught my eye.
However, with this project I find myself liking the idea more than the execution. The interiors are really lovely and bright, but the exteriors are a bit too busy for my taste. The hive idea is taken very literally and the wide variety of color seems overkill. But still, I am sure the kids love it and really... isn't that the point?

Love Tree by Michelle Linden

A friend of mine from school is living in Chicago and maintaining his long distance relationship with his girlfriend in Coimbra, Portugal. They are both totally stylish and talented, so I'm not surprised that they decided to take advantage of their environment to proclaim their love. Painted on the stone by a tree below her apartment, I'm sure this Love Tree brings a smile to her face every day.