screen time by Unknown

We appreciate the usefulness of a well-designed screen that is both aesthetically pleasing and a powerful workhorse. Need to divide a space without constructing permanent walls? Either a freestanding or ceiling hung partition could be the answer. Maybe you want to obscure an unsightly view of the neighbor’s garage. A screen that lets light filter through while obscuring the view could enhance your living space. How about providing some privacy with acoustic benefits in an open office layout? Yes, there are partitions for that too. We even found a screen with built-in storage. Enjoy perusing some of our favorite screen time options.

Facet by 3form

BuzziZone by BuzziSpace

Nomad System by Mio

Nebula by Tacchini

FeltWall by B&B Italia

headquarters with pizzazz by Unknown

The average American spends a lot of time at the office. Why not design work spaces to be an inviting, interesting, and inspirational place? An atrium lounge filled with natural light and comfortable seating would certainly be an enjoyable place for a coffee break. Meetings would be so much more bearable seated at an enormous conference table with mismatched chairs. And who wouldn't love to enjoy their lunch seated in a carousel inspired banquette in the office cafeteria? We hope you find these images of well designed headquarters from around the world as inspirational as we have.