Commercial Architecture

add light to your life by Claire Grotz

When starting a new project light can either carefully highlight design or sometimes design revolves entirely around the lighting.  Often, lighting can easily get lost in the numbers, but here are some eye catching projects that make lighting a very prominent focus point!

It is tempting to conceal wiring to keep your design visually clean, but 'Proti Proudu Bistro' in Prague by Mimosa Architekti chose to make light a powerful design element.  
The industrial fixture emphasizes the wiring, which stand out prominently against the white backdrop. 

They were not afraid to use neon lighting to express their bold restaurant concepts.
The choice to support overhead lighting from below, rather than hanging from the ceiling is very unique. They've created posts to transform the lights into tree-like elements that you cannot miss! 
The 'Odette Team Room and Pâtissere' by UGO Architecture is a very small space with a very noticeable lighting design.  
The wall sconces follow the same language as well. 
The lights in this space fit perfectly with the very striking brass shelving. You will notice this light fixture! 
Also the one at Beach House which several of us at the office had a hand in creating!
We try to do interesting lighting design in our projects as well. We have even done a few fun custom light fixtures too! Check out the pendants at Bar Cotto that Michelle made. 

Another fun piece is this great mid-century chandelier that our client's mother carefully restored for her new bakery at Coyle's Bakeshop
There are tons of great lighting ideas out there! What have you seen that has caught your eye?

sign of the times by Unknown

Recently, we've been doing some research on coffee shop signage for Caffe Ladro and we came across some really awesome designs we couldn't help but share. Exterior signage not only announces the name of the coffee shop but the initial impression from the sign can also play an important role in shaping the overall experience for the consumer so it is a crucial part of the design process! Effectively designed signage can capture the culture and atmosphere of a coffee shop, attracting customers to the shop. Check out some of the signs we loved.

Too see images like this and everything else that inspires us, check out our Pinterest page, here! Also, congratulations to Caffe Ladro for their grand opening this week!  Make sure to stop by (400 Fairview).

how to bring unique character into your space by Unknown

Nowadays it’s easy to step into a space for the first time and feel a strange sense of déjà vu. It seems like every other room is just a rearrangement of the same mass-produced furniture and art. Who can blame them? It’s so much easier and more economical to pick up a chair from Ikea even though you know your neighbor down the street has the exact same one. So how do we create a space that is uniquely our own?

When we designed Ballard Pizza Company, it was important that the space stood out from the rest of the pizza shops out there. The pizza is unlike any other pizza you’ll find in Seattle, so why should it look like all the other pizzerias?

While we custom designed and built our chairs and bar tables to bring Ballard Pizza Company its unique look, another way we created the distinctive character was by salvaging pieces from stores like Second Use in SoDo. It’s amazing how much history and character is added to a room by adding small details like this vintage doorknob.

The great salvaged pieces hanging on the walls of Ballard Pizza Company are reminiscent of the art gallery that used to occupy the space previously, making the space richer in history.

To incorporate charismatic pieces into your own home, check out Second Use’s online inventory. It is updated once a day so you’re bound to found items to fall in love with!

What are some of your favorite ways to display your personality in your space?