Elm Coffee Roaster by Unknown

Elm Coffee Roasters Opens!

Our latest project to open is Elm Coffee Roasters in Pioneer Square at 240 2nd Ave S.  They will be roasting their own coffee soon, with their in-house roaster, and they are already making excellent coffee in their new space, which openedon Thursday.

Go check them out!

Kinoya Restaurant | Jean de Lessard by Unknown

In Japan, an "Izakaya" is a traditional bar and a place of socialization. Here at Kinoya, the narrow space forces to relate to one another, and creates a space that bonds the occupants.

Wood from local barns are reused as finish for the interior, and it was assembled irregularly and with angularity to help muffle the ambient noise.

Drawings and graffitis catches eye and confirm the urban character of this Japanese Bar. Kakemono banners that are used in the streets also vividly expresses the Japanese tradition.

Read more about this project here.