2A + P by Michelle Linden

Sistema Abierto (Open System)

Africa Center

I discovered this Italian design firm through Eternally Cool... 2a+p's work covers a wide range of disciplines (most notably architecture and urban planning), but they give the same kinds of treatment to all types of design projects, large or small. They seem to be of what I would call the Rem school of thought, where many of their projects take their form from the extrusion of the diagram (but I won't hold it against them!). In fact, I'm quite drawn to some of their graphic and diagrammatic work...

Makes You Want to Sit Outside by Michelle Linden

For a relatively young firm (founded by James Corner in 1998), Field Operations has worked all over the world with an impressive list of architects including Gehry, Holl, Ten Arquitectos, Eisenman, Foster, Diller & Scofidio, and more... not to mention all of the work they have done on their own.

Field Operations' work encompasses a wide variety of scales and typologies, from small city gardens to large urban plans.

Rio Manzanares Park, Madrid

Beachfront Housing Development and Dune Preserve, Arveme

Chuncheon G5 Urban Plan and Botanical Garden, Korea

French Embassy Garden, New York

US Mexico Border

Royal Canal Linear Park, Dublin

I haven't actually had the opportunity to visit any of their projects, but the images they create make me want to jump right in. In landscape design, even more than architecture, I think its extremely important to convey the intended experience. These digital collages are so impressive at telling exactly the right story, you can completely understand the proposed sensory qualities of the projects. [And as we all know, I'm a sucker for collage work.]

Many of the projects have such fabulous graphic and linear expressions on paper... I really wish that I could visit the sites and understand these large moves at the human scale. Maybe I'll have to visit New York when the High Line is completed!