Angdong Hospital Project | Rural Urban Framework by Unknown

This hospital is located  in a rural village of Angdong in Hunan Province in China. The intention behind the design was to make this hospital a catalyst for sustainable modern healthcare in rural regions. 

It was a collaboration work with charity and government of Angdong village to introduce a hospital model for the community. Institutions such as schools and hospitals in China is usually walled off, and has no sense of "transparency" to the public. The architects have managed to introduce modern "public-friendly" perspective into a rural China. 

Lean more about this project more by clicking here.

The Little Mermaid by Michelle Linden

I was wandering through the Vola website (great plumbing fixtures, if you're not familiar) and came across their inspirations section... They've got images of projects in which their products were used, including the Danish Pavilion by BIG Architecture for the Shanghai Expo.
The images are a lot of fun... they almost make me forgive the fact that the whole building is centered on the little mermaid.

How Embarrassing by Michelle Linden

So, the World Expo 2010 is taking place in Shanghai, and many of the world's best architects have contributed designs. Many countries have hired the best architects found in their own country, while others have ventured out beyond their borders... but most designs have something in common... trying to articulate the priorities and passions of their home country, exuding confidence and creativity. Of course, I say most because the US is one glaring exception. What does our pavilion say about us? We could be locate along any highway in any suburb. We value conformity and corporate culture (which we can directly link to many of the problems plaguing our nation). We don't really have any place for innovation or creativity and we certainly don't value our architects, which is why we hired a Canadian to design a metal panelled representation of an eagle (there is that lack of creativity and ingenuity again).
Very Frustrating. An expo is not an office park.

South Korea