Atelier Drome

pacific northwest contemporary home by Claire Grotz

Our featured project this month is our Pacific Northwest Contemporary Home. This project is an 8’-12’ extension out the rear of the house to accommodate rearranging the kitchen/dining/great room/powder room and improving the connection to the exterior. We are providing a new deck off the front to take advantage of the view as well as a new second story; including a master suite with deck, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, and a laundry room. Stay tuned for more featured projects! 

designing for fido by miriam_atelierdrome

When we're designing a house remodel we like our client to think about everyone who lives in the house, including Fido! Here are some ideas that simplify your life and spoil your furry one.

1. dog wash station

2. food and water dishes incorporated into cabinetry

3. windows at the right height

4. quiet hide-outs

Francisco Rocha by Claire Grotz

At Atelier Drome we are all about supporting artists and their creative work.  Francisco Rocha is not only an artist but an architect as well working and developing experimental projects in New York.  These are some of his pieces we'd love to share with you: 

SO LONG FAREWELL: Masters Diploma Project

MOSES: Proposal for a Cruise Terminal 

AURORA: Urban Furniture Proposal for Puerta del Sol Square

sign of the times by Unknown

Recently, we've been doing some research on coffee shop signage for Caffe Ladro and we came across some really awesome designs we couldn't help but share. Exterior signage not only announces the name of the coffee shop but the initial impression from the sign can also play an important role in shaping the overall experience for the consumer so it is a crucial part of the design process! Effectively designed signage can capture the culture and atmosphere of a coffee shop, attracting customers to the shop. Check out some of the signs we loved.

Too see images like this and everything else that inspires us, check out our Pinterest page, here! Also, congratulations to Caffe Ladro for their grand opening this week!  Make sure to stop by (400 Fairview).