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We recently discovered these gems from the New York Public Library digital archiving project, which show how much the profession of architecture has changed over the years but also how much has stayed the same. Here are a few favorites:

A storefront façade sketch by Raymond Nicolas, 1929

A storefront façade sketch by Djo Bourgeois, 1929

Savoy Ballroom Floor Plan, 1926

Custom house by John frazee, 1837

Rivington Street Branch Library elevation 1905

Design for an orangerie, j. adley repton, 1808

JL Mott Iron Works, Modern Plumbing Catalog, 1911

JL Mott Iron Works, Modern Plumbing Catalog, 1911

JL Mott Iron Works, Modern Plumbing Catalog, 1877

Demarest’s patent water closet apparatus, 1888

Vertical Accentuation: Rotsee Finish Line Tower | Andreas Fuhrimann Gabrielle Hächler Architekten by Unknown

This wooden structure is located on Lake Rotsee, Switzerland to observe rowing contest. OSB and plywood are waterproofed and used as finishing for exterior and interior showing honesty in terms of materiality use. 

The structure is designed to harmoniously blend with the landscape, and a series of shutters are used to control the view of the race. When all the shutters are closed, the architecture becomes a windowless wooden object on the water. 

Tough, inexpensive materials are used, the overall architecture is well designed and each nail’s location are designed where to be inserted.

The wooden structure is supported by a concrete platform, which is anchored into the shoreline with pinewood to respect surroundings environmental conditions.

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