The 5th Wall / by Atelier Drome

When you're thinking about changing/designing out your space, you're probably mostly thinking about what happens with the four vertical walls. But did you know that there's a 5th wall that exists in your space?

That 5th wall, is the ceiling. It's a great design opportunity that often gets overlooked. You can choose to go bold with a contrasting paint or a graphic wallpaper. But if you're looking for a more neutral approach to your space, have you thought about using wood paneling or adding fretwork to your ceilings?

When you introduce a design element to the ceiling, it draws your eye up and through the space. You want to have different elements that catch your eye in the room so there's movement and interest as you explore the area.

Here are some ceiling materials to think about for your next project:

  • Paint

  • Wallpaper

  • Tiles

  • Fretwork/Millwork

  • Wood

  • Murals

Check out these fun examples we’ve pulled below to spark some inspiration!

source:  vogue

source: vogue



Written by Monita Huang, Interior Designer at ATELIER DROME architecture + interior design